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Question: How can I be sure this is not fake?
Answer:    We sell worldwide popular brands, from the original manufacturer. It is safe to buy from us, more, you can check the products on the BalkanPharmaceuticals official website, you will see that the products are genuine. Our steroids are legit, you can be sure of our offer, because we have no intention to provide counterfeited products and with no future on the market. We are interested in developing a future business so we care about our clients. We just ask our clients to buy one product to see the good quality of our products.
Q: How to make an order?

To place an order on BalkanPharmStore, you should follow these instructions:
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• Log-in to your BalkanPharmStore account.

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Can I edit my order after I have placed it? If you wish to reset your order before you make the payment, follow the steps bellow:

• Log in to your BalkanPharmStore account.

• Choose the order ID

• Click on the "Edit Order” option.

When you have paid for the order nevertheless, you want to delete one of the products, you need to send a ticket and ask the client assistance to change the product you need. You should indicate withinside the order ID your e-mail.

Q: Does the order have a minimum amount limit?
A: We do not have an order limit amount for our customers, they are able to order as much as they want and we will try to please them the best way.
Q: Can I use my credit card to pay?
A: In case you want to pay by your credit card, you should contact our customer client support writing a ticket about the issue.



Our organism should digest the entire steroid load that you placed in it. If you insert too high dosage of hormones then your organism will simply burn out, the effect from the course will be a destructive one and the result, if you are lucky, will be zero, and if you are not – it will be a negative one. Weekly/daily dosage should be adequate and correspond to your level of sports training.



Oral Strombafort is a very high quality oral steroid. Excellent increases the strength of an athlete and increases the dryness of the musculature . Most often is used by athletes to build power performance in exercise.



“Testosterone” in modern world is treated with some sense of contempt. A simple mention about testosterone makes some people splutter, especially when looking at a 120-kg power man. But the truth is that many of you do not care what envious people think about you.