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It is not a secret for anyone that in order to be the leader in today’s sport, natural characteristics and intensive trainings are not sufficient.

The plank of world records is unbelievable high and you won’t overcome it with usual trainings. Medical preparations come to help the sportsmen. The trend is popular among weightlifters and bodybuilders. They simply need additional stimulation of the organism for muscle growth. The lack of exact information about positive and negative features of these medicines makes people misconcept this type of medication. It is senseless to prohibit the use of steroidal compounds since they help achieving defined targets, because people will use them anyway. That’s why the main point for today is to offer correct information about these preparations, to give explanations on their usage and to prevent possible consequences due to wrong usage.

There exist some strict rules that you shouldn’t break when using steroids. You should pay special attention to the sequences that come out when these rules are broken.

The first
rule is age norms compliance. The human skeleton grows approximately till 25 years age. Bones elongation takes place thanks to cartilaginous areas or growth zones. All types of steroids retain calcium and phosphor in bone tissues and this leads to ossification of growth areas before the defined time. Since these preparations are derivatives of male hormone, they can also lead to dysfunction of unformed instable hormonal system. In order to avoid such situation you should strictly consider the state of growing organism. If possible, to change the steroids for other types of mass growth. Used with correct nutrition, insulin will give excellent effect.

and the most important point is dosage excess. Liver will definitely suffer from huge dosages. Steroids force the liver produce much more protein than it is necessary and this matter leads to production of huge amount of bile that enlarges the passages and the gallbladder itself. As a result more bile comes to blood than it is necessary and this leads to jaundice. Besides these the suffering liver gives signals – it means pain in right hypochondrium area comes out. If you don’t pay attention to this and go on increasing the androgen dosages, you will surely make your organism have toxic hepatitis. Also overdose may cause adrenal glands dysfunction. Any unpleasant situation makes the adrenal glands release glucocorticoids to the blood which are stabilizing hormones that increase organism’s stability. But besides these they also give accelerated decay of cells in muscular tissues. So, instead of increasing the muscular mass, you will decrease it.

The third
issue is usage course violation. In case you independently decided on continuing to use the preparation after the course term that was prescribed by the doctor, you should be ready to get a null result. Long-term usage of the same preparation will cause organism adaptation and it will not react on medicine action. But this is not the most awful issue; the worse is that when the organism continuously gets hormones from outside, it stops producing his own hormones. First of all this relates to sexual hormones, continuous inactivity of sexual glands leads to atrophy and impotence is guaranteed.

So, if you want to be healthy and strong, want to achieve excellent results, then you should strictly and scrupulously follow the instructions that you have from your doctor, don’t retreat a step from his recommendations and you will achieve the wanted result.