I'll start my story about the history of doping from long ago, more exactly 1849. In this year, the scientist researcher Berthold decided that it is necessary to improve a man's body somehow, to stimulate his development. And he began his research.

Berthold failed to prove the impact of the gonads to the blood (removal of the testicles and then transplanting them). It was the first experience and probably the first step in the history of doping, in the history of steroids.

Much later, the story continued in 1929, scientists have tried to extract testosterone, and they removed it from the testicles of bulls. Generally, this experience was a success, but in 1935 was made the next leap, this was extracted almost in his pure form. And almost immediately after, doping appeared, more precisely, the next year three scientists were able to artificially synthesize testosterone. Testosterone is the first steroid in the world and probably the most popular.

In 1936, the same scientists were able to prove that testosterone is able to influence the level of nitrogen. Subsequent experiments have shown that testosterone is able to exert an anabolic effect. These experiments were carried out directly on persons. In just a few years were exhibited for sale thousands of different variations of testosterone.

Steroids in sports history. The doping formation.

Everything began in 1954. Then, in the world of sports dominated the Soviet athletes, who were easily breaking any other records. In the athletes' workout was included something new, the use of testosterone. From that moment, the steroids began the great procession, and later they won an extraordinary popularity. Maybe it's just a myth.. but they say that the Americans found about it, and also decided to include testosterone in their athletes' workout. Thanks to this, soon appeared Dianabol (methandrostenolone). Now steroids in sports are not just a myth.

In the following years, no workout or weightlifting was made without using Dianabol tablets. The American athletes who used Dianabol, had no equals. Steroids have a very important place in sports.

1950-60 were marked by a great increase of sports, as a result of the development of steroid drugs. Despite the amazing obtained results, their use was banned. It seemed that steroids in sports were unjustly removed. Later, when the negative effects of steroids have been discovered, it became clear why so persistently was promoted the anti-steroid policy.

History of doping in sports. Steroids in the Olympics.

Even before the ban in 1967, scientists from the GDR initiated experiments on synthesizing revolutionary new types of steroids. This study is still the most comprehensive collection of data on steroids. History of doping in sport began with the fact that a German scientist has done the impossible. They advanced so much in their study, that for several years, athletes from this country managed to be as good as the athletes from the USSR and the USA.

In 1976, was created the first Anti-Doping Committee .

The first tests for doping began only 6 years later, in 1982. The analysis included measurement of the ratio of testosterone and epitestosterone. The test was secure, and allowed to say with certainty whether the athlete took some athlete banned drugs or not.

History of doping in sport continues immediately after 1982. Olympic Committee had already significant progresses. So, scientists from the GDR have managed to create a fast output testosterone ester. Germans managed to quietly take testosterone and pausing only for a few days before the doping tests.

At that time, the invention was a revolution of German scientists. It was a turning point in the history of doping. After all, athletes from this country managed to avoid all anti-doping traps for several years. All this ended in 1989, when the press got information about the German government sponsoring steroid supplies funds for their athletes.

In 1990, the history of doping in sport changed its direction: the steroids began to be used in medicine as a decent tool that supports people with AIDS. From that moment, steroids can be obtained only by prescription or a doctor's recommendation.

Anabolic steroids in sport and in the lifes of U.S. American athletes.

A similar situation existed in the United States. Since 1988, the country issued a steroid prescription physician. Strict control of steroids led to widespreaded and frequent inspections of physicians, and as a result in serious penalties for violations.
1988 is also remembered by many athletes as the year when appeared the law against drugs; according to this law, the sale or possession of steroids was equal to the storage and sale of drugs, and the punishments were almost identical. Later, in 1990, anabolic steroids faced a new challenge. This year the U.S. placed the steroids at the same level as amphetamines, metamfitaminam, opium and morphine.

In U.S. , the steroids are seen as a threat. Very often innocent athletes are accused without any reason by the greedy for scandals press. The result of this situation is numerous lawsuits and bans on steroid discussion threads. 

The problem of anabolic steroids in sports still exists. Despite the many bans, fines and even criminal liability, many athletes do not disdain the use of steroids. And it's their choice!

In the end i want to summarize that the history of steroids is not finished yet, probably just beginning. And while the athletes are ready to voluntarily take banned substances, scientists and manufacturers will come up and sell more advanced steroids. In our store you can buy the best injectable steroids and other drugs.