Methane excretion term from the body on DopingDepo.com

Question: Hello, why some sources say that methane excretion term from the body is 90 days, and other sources say that is one month. So who is right?

Reply: Hi! Strictly speaking, elimination of any medications taken orally happens in no more than 30-35 days. This also applies to the majority of its metabolites. So we can say that 30-35 days is the deadline for the detection of the vast majority of oral medications, in fact in most cases it is much less.

But some metabolites of certain drugs are fat-soluble and can accumulate in the body, in some cases they can be found even after this period. This is the case with metabolites of Stanozolol, for example.
Few time ago,has been discovered hydroxymethyl - methandrostenolone metabolite, which can be detected after 19 days after administration of one 5-mg tablet. Of course with the regular high doses of methandrostenolone time detection increases. Predict it is difficult enough, but it's sure less than three months.

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