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How to reach the desired physical proportions?

Recently more and more people tend to have attractive physical form. New fitness centers open in the cities, billboards replete with advertisement of pumped people. However, gym subscription doesn’t guarantee you the desired result.

Often the beginners ask how to pump all groups of muscles in order to look proportionally developed. The answer to this question is the workout program for all groups of muscles; you should just define the workout order. Initially, for the effective development of the entire body it is rationally to apply circuit workouts. Circuit workouts imply intensive exercises in gym; meanwhile, target load to each group of muscles is applied. Generally, when starting the workout, the biggest groups of muscles are loaded such as legs, back, and chest using just one exercise. At the end of the workout smaller muscular groups are loaded: biceps, bundles of deltoid muscles, triceps, and abdominal muscles. 1-2 exercises with 4-5 set of 8-12 repetitions are used for each group of muscles; this is enough for the muscles to get load for the growth.

How to pump all the muscles using basic workouts? Basic workouts include three basic exercises which involve all the groups of muscles. And namely squats, deadlifts, bench press. It is considered that beginners need to follow such a program during first 2 years for the most effective accumulation of the muscular mass. Big weights are used in basic exercises, at the same time a pretty good load goes to stabilizing muscles besides the basic target group. Workout with big weight should be performed with ideal technique since a big risk of trauma exists. Also the duration of the workout should be not more than an hour together with warm-up. During the workout it is necessary to gradually increase the weight on the exercise equipment in order for the organism not to addict to the load. That is why the basic workout is the workout for all groups of muscles.

Workout for all groups of muscles should be supported by a correct regime which includes sleeping for 8-10 hours for complete restoration of the muscles since the muscles grow not during the workout but during the rest. Also correctly balanced nutrition plays an important role in muscle pumping. Protein is the base for the growth of the muscular tissue and it should be used by the athlete in the proportion of 2g for each kilogram of the body weight. Also you should pay attention to carbohydrates which give energy in order to train in gym; they should be used in proportion of 4-5 g for each kilogram of the body weight. You are going to reach the desired result only when you obey all these conditions.