Workouts with steroids

Bodybuilding is a great sport of great people. It is one of the most available and, at the same time, one of the most expensive kinds of sport in the world. Correct bodybuilding brings health, gives self-confidence and makes you disciplined. In order become a bodybuilder, you need to pass a long way but firstly you have to have a gym subscription. Most bodybuilders take special preparations, so-called steroids.

Steroids are very important in bodybuilding and form its base. Steroids and bodybuilding are two inseparable words. Steroids usage in bodybuilding became threatening. But for us, bodybuilders, the truth is above all! Today doctors and scientists make sharp and unfounded claims exaggerating the danger of the steroids and blowing it to a universal scale. Such a falsification of the truth discredits the image of our sports that allegedly pushes the sportsmen to use fatal doping.

That’s why I decided on publishing the interview with Doctor Jose Antonio, the leading specialist in the domain of the sports physiology. He conducted serious investigations on the impact of the androgens over male sportsmen (main consumers of these preparations). The conclusions he came to can impress anyone. The doctor confirms that steroids are absolutely safe like, for example, protein powders, but they act 100 times more effectively. Only a full idiot can believe that the steroids are fatally dangerous! Let’s look at some main questions.

First of all, how many people in the world used and are using steroids? One, two or even three millions. Did someone die exclusively because of the steroids? Let’s say due to overdose? No, no such cases took place. So, how to use the steroids?

1st steroidal course (Methane Solo): shouldn’t be longer than 3 months with the following 3-months interruption.

2nd course: it is not necessary to pass to stronger preparations, it is better to have some more solo (methane) courses. The further use of the steroids depends on the growth of your muscles; you may start combining some preparations. Today there is no strong evidence that would confirm the “fatal” danger of the steroids. Bodybuilding is based on them.