Advantages of high testosterone: more money, more sex, more muscles

“Testosterone” in modern world is treated with some sense of contempt. A simple mention about testosterone makes some people splutter, especially when looking at a 120-kg power man. But the truth is that many of you do not care what envious people think about you. But the important thing is that many girls like to pretend that they are interested in major fellows who care about the shape of their eyebrows rather than the dimension of the biceps.

What do we have? Should all big fellows buy hair gel, take some estrogen pills and start approaching to all the ladies in 1 km distance? Of course, not. The fact that modern ladies are attracted by pretty major guys is same delirium as your stomach will explode if you get drunk with sparkling water. As I will tell you later the girl goes to the alpha boy while major guys can just go home and cry into their pillow.
Generally, without considering girl influence, testosterone is very important from the point of many other reasons. Everything will improve with high levels of this hormone – your health, longevity, processes of fat burning, sexual performance and even financial success. Below I am going to tell about the advantages of testosterone and also about the prejudiced attitude of the society. Also I will cover the questions related to the matter why the modern environment provokes increase of estrogen production at men and will give you some advice on how to fight it, increasing testosterone at the same time.



As many of you already know – testosterone is one of the steroid hormones that play huge role in the development of male sexual characteristics. Its anabolic effects – increase of muscular mass, strength, bone tissue density; hormone also is responsible for pubescence, voice change and hair appearance on the body. The advantages of the people who have high level of testosterone is energy increase, wellness, improved sexual and reproductive function, less diseases, better body construction, strong heart, a sharp mind, and these are just some… Hmm, many of these characteristics are adored by girls.

The only thing that I didn’t mention here is money, increase of which, as it often happens, comes together with the increase of testosterone level. You will probably be surprised: how is this related? How the financial state can depend on the level of hormone in the organism? Fortunately, the investigation of National Science Academy in 2009 brought some clearance to this question. The investigation showed that people with increased hormone levels often took risks that may lead to higher financial remuneration. Rational use of funds may be perceived in some incorrect way but no one becomes richer when he buys booze in the bar for everyone or distributing to the second cousin relatives in order to feel glad with himself.

One more positive side effect of increased testosterone is improvement of survival skill. I don’t mean that testosterone will suddenly help you survive in the forest during some years. But, when you increase the muscular mass, strength, having clear mind, you will be able to unconditionally find exit from the situation that threatens your life.



Estrogen is a steroid hormone which is present, first of all, in females. However, men also have a small amount of estrogen because it helps preventing heart diseases, increases bone toughness. The key phrase here is “small amount”. The most terrible estrogen effect for the bodybuilder is so called gynecomastia (female breast). Increased level of this hormone causes disorder of fat distribution in the organism and this may convert the flat breasts to small breasts quite fast. The other problems are: decrease of testes dimensions, increased illness risk, libido decrease. As you understand, estrogen does not contribute to the creation of ideal man image. It seems that there is nothing complex – be active, behave like a man and obey balanced nutrition, right? In fact, estrogen level may be increased due to the factors that don’t depend on you, such as environment pollution. Soot is the main reason for hormone increase since it contains estrogen compounds; it comes to your body with air, vapor, and dust.

Pesticides – another estrogen source, they end up in lakes and rivers after being distributed over agricultural plants. Also there are many chemical estrogens in plastic bottles, plastic foam, shampoo, paints, household chemicals. Another source of artificial estrogens comes from paper that is used for ATMs, plastic shower drapes, antibacterial soap and Teflon tableware.

When you have more testosterone and less estrogen, it is possible to ease and improve the life. But stop… not the society shouts to us that people pumped with testosterone are terrible?!
Besides this, even in films a new image of women is imposed when they play male roles.
These films and programs are sold not only because girls in the films are hot pieces, but and because women look at this as an expansion of their rights and possibilities. Feminists’ dream is gradually being realized during last decades.
Films show us women as tough policewomen, predators that have the skills or as lethal martial arts masters. At the same time men are showed in these films as obedient to clumsy idiots who are afraid from any rustle. Excuse me, but not too much time passed since Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, Bruce Willis, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Arnold Schwarzenegger were the favorites on the screen? Now Stallone had to finish “The Expendables” in order for these legends to come together in correspondent role. Besides cinema industry, the mass media also played their role in testosterone and courage anti-propaganda. All the time when a sportsman is arrested, he appears on the front page of mass media. If a person commits an offense and is considered a professional athlete, the headline always focuses on the word “body-builder”.

What about steroids? The final label was created with the use of steroids by athletes for quick gain of strength and muscular mass, especially in USA where even ownership is considered a serious crime. It is really possible to get in prison only for steroids storage. Today many professional athletes use them in order to support the shape but is it really such a serious crime when alcohol and cigarettes are much more harmful and are allowed by law?!
Basing on this war against courage we may think that women are attracted by metrosexuals more often today? Is it really true? Or women just pretend to like pretty guys only because mass media directs them?



Considering the fact that we discussed about mass media and entertainment industry, it is not surprising why girls give chances to Johnny Depp and Steve Carells of our world to try the role of Brad Pitt and Will Smith. Thanks to mass media women try to convince themselves that gentle, understanding guys, with sense of humor is what they want even if subconsciously, they loath these guys who couldn’t overcome even a paper wall on their way.
What really amazes in all these things is that feminists completely support this “media-castration” of guys and then complaint that real men have gone! Totally a mess!

Independently on what seed mass media planted in the minds of females, the reality is: women still dream of courageous guys! This is what was formed during tens of thousands of years when women needed strong males in order to provide survival of themselves and their children. And although all the comforts of the modern world, the woman mind is programmed in the same manner as thousands of years ago.

Many characteristics that provide survival are found at males with high level of testosterone. Strength, muscular mass, confidence, improved sexual activity, financial success and smartness are only some of testosterone’s advantages. It is not a secret that all these features are so desired by women. In this case even though Michael Sera may look pretty and cause smile on lady’s face, but his pathetic hands and softness are nothing against Chris Hemsworth.



Pick-up, of course, is good but it is not the only reason why it is worth increasing testosterone level. The most important aspect of testosterone increase with simultaneous decrease of estrogen level is improvement of general state of health. Its high level contributes to a stronger heart, energy increase, fat reduce, well-being and reduce the chance of getting a life-threatening illness.
Obviously you won’t allow mass media and feminists’ opinion stop you from achieving a healthy strong body. So, unconditionally, it is worth doing everything possible in order to increase its level.