Why should I start from minimal (reasonable) dosages?
Our organism should digest the entire steroid load that you placed in it. If you insert too high dosage of hormones then your organism will simply burn out, the effect from the course will be a destructive one and the result, if you are lucky, will be zero, and if you are not – it will be a negative one. Weekly/daily dosage should be adequate and correspond to your level of sports training. The matter is not the potential side effects but another thing - in case of absorption of submaximal doses your virgin organism will addict to this steroid “size” and you won’t be affected by medium doses, you will have to deal at a dangerous “height” increasing the dosed “degree” and the coefficient of drug’s power. And in case you perform your first course at doses near to therapeutic then your organism will have large deposit of positive reaction to steroids for some years, so, having achieved good results, you will be able to secure yourself from large number of possible side effects and save your roubles =)

Why is it better to start with short or medium-term courses?
Not just the dosages of administrated drug are important but also the course duration. Everything is simple here. The shorter is the course, the less we suppress the hormonal background and other systems of the organism and so, the faster can we restore when we stop administrating the drugs. It means, short course = short term of rehabilitation, long course = long period of restoration. At the same time, the shorter is the course, the less is the risk to have side effects. Short courses are easier to be digested by human psyche. Experienced pharma consumers will confirm that course term is time for trials and hardships with a lot of expenses and discomfort. Short courses can be planned during the year; they are more comfortable to adjust to different holidays, vacations, special events and even seasonal sicknesses which are planned by real fans of sports lifestyle into yearly plans. It should be explained that when I say short courses I mean the courses of 4 to 8 weeks long.

Why is it better to start with “soft” drugs?
So called safe anabolics allow learning comfortably and without unnecessary risks how your young organism reacts to prohibited fruit. When you apply weaker and less dangerous steroids during the first course most probably you won’t learn what is acne at your face and won’t suffer from water pression and high pressure, you won’t suffer from itchiness in nipples and gyno will not affect you, drug rejection will be practically insensible and after-course therapy composition will be solved by purchasing Tribulus and zinc. Administration of “light” pharma during the first introduction with the dark side of the sports provides the simplest entrance to chemical society. You won’t have to break your half-empty head for most difficult exercises of side effects leveling and literal exit from the course.

Why should I perform after-course therapy (ACT)?
Absolutely all beginners ask this question and sometimes get controversial answers from authoritative chemists. Many consider that the organism will excellently manage with the tasks of restoration by itself without the interference from outside. I think in another way. The faster we restore, the less is the rollback effect and the faster your body will recover after steroid attack and will be ready for new offense. Very often we can see dramatic picture – inner systems of the organism which administrates pharma cannot return to normal functioning; analysis tell about this situation, bad mood and extremely strong/long rollback. A set of factors leads to such a state, special drugs and procedures are designed to fight against the negative effects of these factors.

Tablets or injections? What is better for the first course?
Tablets! Although the fact that the injection steroids are more effective, oral drugs are the optimal choice for a beginning chemist. Injection is a mini-operation, like any other operation, i.e. intervention of a foreign body/object into the organism, injections cause stress at pharma users. Majority of chemists badly bear injections although there are unique users who even get pleasure from this process. Tablet administration allows performing first course without hassle and injection fuss. Often happens that administration of oral drugs allow having continuous level of active substance in the blood which is much more problematic in case of steroid ethers administration. At unexpected side effects tableted drugs can always be cancelled and stop the negative affect for the organism; injection steroids, as a rule, have longer activity period (even in case of propionate administration) and when the drug is immediately excluded from pharma nutrition, the negative effect of exogenous hormones will be seen at least for a couple of days.

Why is it better to start with sole administration of steroids?
Sole administration of AAS allows exploring the drug and learning how the organism will react to a definite drug and the steroids in general. Sometimes people get negative reaction or achieve zero result from sole consumption of some drugs. This means that a drug is not suitable for you and the next courses should be better composed using other steroids. The truth is that everything is not so simple.
Smart-ass dealer can sell you an empty medicine presenting it as a definite drug presenting you as some other one (cheaper). This may create a false impression about the administrated steroid and make you turn from the right path. However, we will hope for luck and conscientiousness of the producers/sellers.

When you spend some best years of your short life in state of medicamental euphoria, you will develop a pharmacological flair; you will learn to feel with your skin and androgenic receptors which drug is necessary for you right now. Before this happens, read this treatise and absorb every bit of information with your sky-blue pink colored substance.

We can distinguish several basic scenarios of your pharma career development. Each of the scenarios is a sequence of definite steroid courses which follow one after another from the simplest to more complex, from “light” to “hard”, from primitive single-composition to many-component. The scenario is a kind of chain, whose links are periods of drugs administration periods and periods of rest/restoration. There are many scenarios of such kind. The choice of the option depends on many reasons/factors: health state, age, sex, wealth, workout experience, level of physical fitness and also definite targets and tasks which are defined for a certain sports discipline. Then we will analyze some definite options for the development of your steroid career…