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Continuation of the topic of “light” pharmacological preparations is not possible without mentioning such a rare medicament as drostanolone propionate. Just like many other exotic steroids as Boldenone, Masteron is very popular in the West and is almost not known in Russia. And besides these, not only bodybuilders love it but also representatives of other sports disciplines, where strength, speed and stamina must progress without essential change of body mass and this progress shouldn’t be marred by the positive doping test. Masteron may be found in the arsenal of professional swimmers, runners, baseball players, weightlifters, rowers and fighters. In this article I am going to tell you what are the exclusive qualities of chemical substance that are found in Masterone.

Masteron is an injectable steroid that contains the propionate form of drostanolone active substance. Drostanolon is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, 2a-methyl-dihydrotestosterone. Thanks to the elimination of double bond between 4th and 5th positions, Drostanolon appeared practically not affected by aromatase and consequently – conversion to estradiol. Moreover, investigations show that Drostanolon owns well expressed anti-estrogen activity. There is nothing strange in this if we remember that the preparation is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone and DHT directly weakens the activity of estrogens in the tissues (estrogens connect to correspondent receptors but don’t activate it). Masteron is a moderate androgen with excellently expressed anabolic features.

Now especially for those who don't really understand organic chemistry and pharmacology, I will try to translate all that was written above to publicly available dialect… Drostanolon propionate may be called a “safe” (weak!) form of testosterone that misses many disadvantages of the elder brother keeping some advantages of androgens.
As for its functional characteristics, Masteron is similar to testosterone that is loved by everyone.

After a few injections, the user will already feel the expressed anabolic effect, namely the increase of muscular mass. Drostanolon, like testosterone, affects the nervous system, removing the feeling of fatigue and raising the overall tone and mood, “fighting spirit”. Masteron, in contrast to testosterone, is not an universal, basic steroid. This is a highly specialized drug created to solve concrete and quite typical tasks.

Due to the reason that Drostanolon propionate is not aromatized practically in any dosage and is not converted to estrogens, it is irreplaceable during the preparation to competitions of bodybuilders. Last 3-4 weeks before the “start” are the most important – the athlete brings his carcass to the condition (the final stage of drying takes place with the use of carbohydrate-free / low carbohydrate diet, he works on “weak” places and final body correction takes place). Masteron, like no other pharmacological preparation, allows approaching to the competitions in shortest terms and with maximum effect as well as be prepared to come to the stage.

Masteron can give the musculature a tough, “filled”, elastic, hard, finished look and maximum outline sharpness; underlines the strong places of the athlete, masks the weak ones. The skin becomes thin, veins show through, separation of dry meat reaches ideal state, even buttocks are flogged. Of course, drostanolon cannot provide similar results used alone, that is why it is generally used in different combinations with other AS.

And of course, for the best effect the use of Masteron is followed by carbohydrate-free diet that is hard for the organism and use of different fat-burners (Clen, Eca, thyroidal gland hormones etc.); all these negatively affects the athlete disposition and very often provokes “fall” of muscular mass.

Drostanolon propionate lets you train under similar extreme conditions without essential lossess of stamina and mass, contributes to keeping high intensity of workouts with the possibility of diet calorie decrease to critical levels.
This moderate androgen provides necessary drive during the last weeks of preparation to the competitions, prevents unplanned meat losses during “carbohydrate-free gaps”, fights against huge content of catabolic hormone of cortisole in the blood of dehydrated power-man etc.

But athletes using Drostanolon propionate should not forget that doping discovering methods are continuously improved and the use of this prohibited medicament should be stopped at least 6 weeks before passing doping-test.

Masteron is suitable not only for athletes who purposefully work for competitive deeds and make sporting career but also this exotic steroid is suitable for sportsmen of any level, even for those who are in sports “for themselves”. There exist three reasons why I often recommend including Masteron in their courses to beginning power men:

1. Masteron, no matter how strange it may sound, is an excellent mass gainer in case it is injected together with testosterone. Drostanolon combined with testosterone in mass gain trainings have synergy effect and help building the body, accumulating qualitative meat without unnecessary water (with condition of correctly designed diet).

2. Drostanolon propionate is a safe and effective analogue of injection Winstrol. Many power men of fitness worry about one problem: accumulation of “dry” meat with permanent support of their “ideal” figure in proper form. The given task dictates definite rules which should be obeyed by the adept of Greek beauty etalons: correct nutrition, correctly composed training program and correctly selected pharmacological preparations.
And, as it usually happens, the injection form of stanozolol is included to the chemical arsenal of fitness sportsmen together with different non-aromatized AS. Few people know that stanozolol is a potentially dangerous steroid and often causes many health problems for users which are conditioned with the indicators of “bad” cholesterol in blood, global “dehydration” of ligaments and joints. Simple replacement of Winstrol to Masteron during the course may correct the situation and make the steroid “compote” more safe since Drostanolon doesn’t have the disadvantages of stanozolol.

3. Masteron may be called spare preparation for the athletes with moderate term and “weight” chemical experience. If you have the experience of two or three years of applied chemistry, you have already trued many steroids that are available in Russian Federation, your organism has already produced tolerance to them and badly reacts even to permanent increase of work dosages, then it is time to purchase Masteron… This weak androgen will help the organism overcome temporary AS addiction effect and will let you improving your body and spirit in gym.

Usage and combination:
The range of work (acceptable) dosages varies between 200 and 600 mg per week although in some cases experienced chemists may allow inject 1 g and more per week in order to achieve definite targets. Masteron cannot be considered totally safe preparation. In contrast, for example, to Prima, Drostanolon propionate has some unpleasant androgen conditioned side effects about which we are going to talk later.
When composing chemical course it is necessary to consider these side effects and try to adhere to reasonable working dosages.
Like all propionates, “half-life” period of Masteron is 2-3 days. Usually this preparation is used at dosages of 100 mg every other day, although it is possible to inject every day, everything depends on the concentration of active substance in a definite Masteron product and on individual features of user’s organism.
There exist many different combination options of Drostanolon with other androgens and AS. In different sports disciplines own course composition laws exist, and permissible weekly dosages are also strictly regulated. Below I will show some examples of courses and combination variants of Drostanolon with other steroids.

1. Budget option: Masteron 50-100 mg every other day + Methane of 30-40 mg per day, course period is 6-7 weeks. Similar course may be recommended for beginners or chemists with small experience of pharmacological preparation use. The course may be characterized as mass accumulation or for strength gain.

2. Course for oligarch beginner: Masteron of 50-100 mg every other day + Oxandrolon of 30-40 mg per day, course period is 6-8 weeks. It is quite effective option with complete lack of side effects. The only minus is that you get quite weak “compote”, only virginally pure organism can feel such a combination.

3. Option for Apollos and fitness sportsmen with narcissism in the soul: 100 mg of Masteron every other day + 100 mg of propionate every other day + 40 mg of Turinabol per day, the period is 6-8 weeks. Course target is to build muscular mass of good quality without unnecessary water. The course cost is not so high. Besides the qualitative meat, strength indexes may be also nicely increased by adding 10-20 kg during the work set.

4. Combination for cool guys and severe professionals that are used to take risks: 200-400 mg of Trenbolone acetate per week + 50-100 mg of Masteron every other day + 50 mg of stanozolol per day, course period is 6-7 weeks. The course is designed for super dry mass, almost pre-competition option. It will give gain of 2-4 kg of fatless meat with low-calorie diet. But it is enough dangerous “compote” because you may “catch sluggish” during the course itself and then it will take much time to restore your male functions when the use of medicaments is stopped. The use of stanozolol is justified in this situation and not only thanks to the fact that this AS “dries and creates the relief” but also thanks to the reason that stanozolol decreases progesterone level in some degree, although not too much.

5. Mass accumulation course without liver bombing by the oral preparations: 500-750 mg of testosterone enanthate per week + 300-400 mg of Masteron per week, course period is 10 weeks, last two weeks using propionate of 100 mg every other day + 50 mg of Masteron every other day.
6. Option for pampered organisms: Masteron 50 mg used alone every other day, for 6 weeks. Such a course will suit well to cautious lean people and latent horizontal bar men who don’t want to hurt their health with poisonous methane and exploding testosterone. The discharge from such a plan of Masteron use will not be big but for inexperienced chemists whose weight doesn’t exceed 65 kg, will be just right!

Side effects:
As we have already mentioned, Drostanolon propionate owns weak anabolic features, that’s why there exists quite high probability that androgen conditioned side effects will take place: acne, baldness, prostate hypertrophy. However, such side effects are observed very rarely, only at high week dosages and too long preparation use.
Masteron doesn’t cause such side effects like water retention, arterial pressure increase and has low toxicity for the liver. It doesn’t provoke appearance of problems with joints and ligaments which is typical in case of Winstrol use; Drostanolon never leads to bad cholesterol indicators in the blood.
Like all the other steroid preparations, Masteron has negative effect on “hypothalamus - pituitary gland - testes” arc. Because of long use of this moderate androgen, gonadotropic hormones and endogen testosterone suppression takes place, that’s why after Masteron use it is necessary to perform complete after-course therapy with the scope of hormonal background restoration.

In general, we may state the fact that Masteron is the most preferred from the point of safety and effectiveness when compared to the pharmacological preparations which are abundant at the black market in RF. Its use in sports practice is reasonable and perspective, Drostanolon propionate ideally suits the sportsmen of any level. Shortly said, everything is ok and excellent in this preparation… except two important aspects: high prices for Masteron containing production and huge amount of fakes at suppliers.
As for the second aspect, Masteron is produced by underground companies by now, that’s why the quality of this product is questionable. I can also add that I trust only to SP Laboratory who produce Drostanolon in flacons of 10 ml at concentration of 100 mg per 1 ml.