Danabol - is an example of a new methane. Danabol - is an oral anabolic steroid, has a strong effect on protein metabolism in the body. The course Danabol enhances protein synthesis and an acceleration of the production of protein in the body. This can be seen in a positive nitrogen balance and overall improvement. Calcium balance also appears in a positive way, as Danabol promotes greater flow of calcium in the bone than in the normal state. 

Danabol course and features of the drug.

Danabol - oral anabolic which was synthesized by an American doctor John Ziegler in 1956; first went on sale in the USA in 1960. And after some time spread on the markets of many countries. In just a few years, Danabol became a favorite and the most famous anabolic steroid in almost all sports.

By using Danabol, during the first six weeks, you can get an increase of at least two kilograms per week. Danabol reffers to the list of easily aromatizing drugs. You can easily rid of the excessive accumulation of fluids by combining the use of Dianabol with Provimed or Novaldex.


Use Danabol.

Recommended dosages of Danabol are 2 to 20 tablets per day.

This does not mean that every athlete should take only one pill of Danabol per day . This means that the athlete can really restrict the active dose of 15-40 mg per day. However, it is worth remembering that the dosage is a matter of the individual and should be prepared with the expectation of the physical condition of the athlete.

Beginners and people just starting their familiarity with the world of pharmacology, are welcomed to use Danabol in doses not bigger than 15-20 mg. No noticeable effect can be achieved in other ways, for example by combining Danabol with other pharmacological agents. 

Danabol reception and similar drugs.

Returning to the subject application Danabol, is to say that even Athletes who are at an advanced stage and athletes weighing over a hundred pounds, should not extend beyond the dosage of 40 mg per day. In this case, it is absurd to increase the dosage and number of pills consumed , because Danabol tablets in an amount of 7-8, has the same effect as Danabol of 15 tablets. Dosages above 50 mg, are the result of illiteracy and ignorance of the athletes and coaches about the properties and characteristics of the substance.

I would say that Dianabol and Anadrol 50 are very similar to the effects of drugs, which precludes their joint application to date. Athletes are more interested in power rates than in muscle mass gain. The best suited combination of Danabol are with Strombaject or Oxandrolon.

To gain the maximum possible amount of muscle mass without power performance , I would recommend a combination of Deca-durabolin, Danabol reception with Sustanon or Testoviron prolonged exposure, at doses of 200 mg and 250 mg per week, respectively.

Dianabol is a quick preparation ( 3.5 - 4.5 hours), which makes the athlete to make frequent and regular administrations, at least twice a day in order to maintain the required amount of active substance in the blood. In periods of training, Danabol has even a shorter-term impact, which means that it should be taken more often - three or more times per day. Preparation (course Danabol ) alkylated 17-alpha, which makes the drug protected against loss of active ingredient, for the same reason it is recommended to take the drug during meals. Danabol is very rapidly excreted from the body , the results of analyzes on the third day after ending its use do not record the presence of methandienone, the active substance in the blood.


Buy Danabol without troubles.

Danabol reaches a maximum concentration of the active substance already after three hours from the time of reception, and the dose of 10 mg can provide a five-fold increase in the amount of testosterone in the body. Just Danabol can slow down the decay level of protein in the muscle cell by reducing the production of cortisone by 50-70 percent.

Danabol is not recommended for women's use, because it can lead to noticeable effects of masculinization. However, even this fact does not stop women from taking Danabol . Not a small number of athletes involved in bodybuilding and powerlifting resorted to use Danabol, in doses of 10 to 20 mg per day. 

Methandienone, like any other steroid is considered harmless in dosages that do not go beyond the norm. A normal dose of Danabol is considered 15-40 mg.  Danabol in excessive doses is able to cause an increase in the secretion of the liver, increase the pressure, increase the heart rate .

If you decide to buy Danabol, you should know that among the most significant effects of the drug should be made a high level of impact of the drug on the production of natural testosterone. Using Danabol for 10 days is capable of inducing a reduction of testosterone synthesis by 30 - 40 percent.