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Steroid Articles

How does an occasional cycle of steroids affects?

Androgens and anabolic steroids are short term safe drugs. There is no fatal overdose of steroids and adverse effects such as low cholesterol, blood thickening are unlikely. An ocasional steroidal cycle can't affect a person's life and health of long-term.
Above information is valid only for occasional use, and is not available when we are talking about an abuse of steroids, or the usage of steroids for a longer period.

How much affects a long-term steroid cycle?
Using steroids for long periods for purposes other than medical involves some risk. The anabolic steroids' abuse leads to heart diseases. Such diseases are formed in time and evolve for decades without major symptoms. When using steroids, fat may accumulate in the arteries and other blood vessels, what can lead to a heart atack or a stroke. A survey showed that those who use steroids are likely to die 4 times more. It is very important to use reasonable doses of steroids in large intervals between cycles. It is important for those who use steroids on long terms to make regular visits to the doctor.

How do steroids help the performance of an athlete?
If steroids are used for medicinal purposes there is a certain risk. But when used for a long time, there surely is a big risk. The most important thing is to follow the rules for a safe use of steroids: optimal doses and recommended duration of cycles, pauses between cycles, a diet without fats and sugar, and a well programed workout at the gym. Respecting these rules, the steroids use will be beneficial for an athlete.

What steroids don't cause hair loss?
For those who are genetically predisposed to hair loss, the usage of steroids will accelerate this process. In order to mitigate this process, it's required the decrease of the androgenic actvity in the scalp, for what can be used steroids as nandrolone or oxandrolone. In case you used testosterone, it can be combined with finasteride, a drug that reduces the activity of dihydrotestosterone in the scalp. Those who have problems with baldness, will have difficulties, therefore must take optimal doses for the recommended period of time, and must constantly visit the doctor for scalp and hair examinations.

What kind of steroids are safe for women?
Women are often concerned about the effect of steroid virilization. Steroids that are less virilizing are nandrolone and methenolone, oxandrolone. Since steroids are all based on male hormone virilization risk will always be present.


Our organism should digest the entire steroid load that you placed in it. If you insert too high dosage of hormones then your organism will simply burn out, the effect from the course will be a destructive one and the result, if you are lucky, will be zero, and if you are not – it will be a negative one. Weekly/daily dosage should be adequate and correspond to your level of sports training.



Oral Strombafort is a very high quality oral steroid. Excellent increases the strength of an athlete and increases the dryness of the musculature . Most often is used by athletes to build power performance in exercise.



“Testosterone” in modern world is treated with some sense of contempt. A simple mention about testosterone makes some people splutter, especially when looking at a 120-kg power man. But the truth is that many of you do not care what envious people think about you.