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Questions about steroids Part 1

How many kg can someone accumulate during a steroid cycle?
If used correct, muscle gains will be large. Results vary from person to person, there are cases of gaining even 9 kg, but we must know that a large part of this mass is water. 


Is this accumulation of mass temporary?
It all depends on the workout and the diet the person uses, as well as a corresponding postcycle therapy after finishing the cycle of anabolic steroids. If you follow this steps correctly, the accumulated muscles will mantain without having to use another steroid cycle.

Steroids help you overcome your genetic shortcomings in terms of muscle mass. But keep in mind that a highly developed body can be maintained only with steroids. And the body will always return to its previous limits if you stop taking anabolic substances.

Steroids add more cell cores in the muscle's structure. Even after a long period in which workouts and steroids are absent , these cores remain stored in muscles, what shows that there is an unlimited period.


Can steroids help you look like a professional bodybuilder?
Every person has his own genetic limits, that can't be overcomed even if using steroids. There are many who use steroids and look good, but not all of them end up looking as professional bodybuilders.