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Stanozololhas recently been gaining popularity among bodybuilding and athletes.  Stanozolol has an unique chemical composition, since it is a drug produced by DHT, as well as unlike the other steroids which are composed of four benzene rings, stanozolol has five benzene rings. Another unique characteristic of this drug is that stanozolol is a progesterone antagonist. 

Stanozolol has two forms: injectable and oral, but unlike other drugs, the difference between the injectable and the oral form is subtle. If you are tired of frequent injections, then you can safely drink the contents of the ampoule knowing what the effect would be exactly the same. The injectable form of Stanozolol is in microcrystals, so after the interaction with the blood, it dissolves very slow, but after, the dissolution rate of stanozolol in the blood increases like an avalanche, and then, begins to decline. 

Like DHT, stanozolol stabilizes in the muscle fibers androgen receptors very poorly and slowly. That's why, the athletes receiving the drug, should not rely on the tremendous growth of muscle mass in a short time. In contrast with other drugs, Stanozolol does not convert in estradiol, but is also affected by the sharp increase of mass. However, local injections lead to a significant increase of the muscle groups where the injection was made. If you are not ready for the competition and you will no longer have to undergo a doping test, then you can safely use stanozolol.


The steroid profile
• Anabolic activity - 320% of the testosterone
• Androgenic activity - 30% of testosterone
• aromatization (conversion to estrogen) - no
• The toxicity to the liver - only Winstrol tablets
• receiving method - injections and tablets
• Duration of action - 8:00
• Detection time - 3 weeks in tablets, 9 weeks - the injection of


History of stanozolol

Stanozolol was developed by Winthrop Laboratories in 1962 under the brand name Winstrol. Initially, the drug was designed to treat anemia hereditary angioedema, accelerate recovery after surgery, as well as for use in veterinary medicine to increase muscle mass, stimulating blood, strong bones and appetite stimulation of weakened or sick animals.

A little later, the drug has been actively used for cross-country riding, to increase speed performance. It quickly drew the attention of athletes and bodybuilders.

Stanozolol is very popular in bodybuilding because its action differs from the action of other steroids. The drug has little effect on body weight, but gives prominence of the muscles and burns fats, so it is used mostly during the courses of "drying".
• Relief muscles - one of the main effects of stanozolol.
• A significant increase in strength and endurance - a valuable effect in powerlifting and track and field.
• Fat Burning
• Increased appetite
• removing excess fluid from the body

Side effects of Winstrol

The drug is not converted into estrogen, so does not cause side effects such as gynecomastia and swelling. In general, Stanozolol is one of the safest steroids, Winstrol side effects are rare.
Adverse effects on the frequency of occurrence:
• High blood pressure - is eliminated taking antihypertensives (enalapril).
• Increased levels of cholesterol - is eliminated omega-3 intake during the course. 
• Painful injections - this side effect is peculiar only for the injectable form (Winstrol Depot).
• The toxicity to the liver - it only exists when using the oral form
• myocardial hypertrophy - especially at high doses.