Steroid injections guide DopingDepo.com


When one begins injecting steroids, he needs to know a few things. First of all, everything should be clean and hygienic. Must be used only new sealed syringes, in any case, not old or not belonging to strangers. The choice of the injection place is also very important. Next you need to get a new syringe from the package, put the needle on it and use wadding soaked in alcohol, wipe the top of the vial to ensure sterility.

Remove the protective case from the needle and insert it into the bottle, then flip upside down and fill the syringe with the required amount of liquid plus a little more.. Rapping the syringe finger to collect air bubbles in one should enter the excess fluid back into the vial. Using another piece of batting soaked in alcohol, wipe the injection place. It is not necessary to wipe the liquid, if a small amount of it will flow out of the needle.. as it will serve to lubricate the injection site. Then, set the syringe at an angle of 90 degrees and insert the needle deep into the muscle. Pulling the plunger back, look if in the syringe enters blood. If so - take out the needle and try injecting it again. If there is no blood , it is necessary to continue slowly to avoid painful feelings, press the needle up to the time when all the liquid is in the muscle. After this, the needle should be removed quickly and do a little massage at the injection place with another sterile wadding to remove any discomfort in the next days and reduce bleeding.  Should not re- use a syringe and needle. It is also desirable not to insert the substance in the same place in the amount of more than 2 ml and more often than twice a week.


Where to prick steroids

Anabolic must be administered intramuscularly, regardless of whether they are based: oil or water. Typically, the injections are made in the buttocks,  and outer thigh, as these muscles are very thick and contain a large amount of fibers, thus having wide fascia. Under the fascia is understood a connective tissue that surrounds and separates the muscle. In the course of injections, it may be needed to insert the needle deeply, taking care not to touch a nerve or blood vessel. Gluteusmedius, which is located in the upper part of the buttocks, is considered the best place for injection due to its thickness and the presence of a small number of nerves. Injection into this muscle minimizes the probability of hitting a vessel, or the sciatic nerve that passes through the middle and lower part of the buttocks. Damaging it, you risk to experience severe pain and make temporary paralysis.


Choosing a syringe

The question of choosing the syringe is considered very important and crucial . The syringe should be primarily required volume. The unit of the liquid used cubic millimeters. Also note the needle, which must go deep into the muscle, and having a sufficient diameter to pass the oil, but not too wide to avoid injuries. There are different types of syringes: longer, thicker. Typically, bodybuilders prefer 2-3 ml syringes. If you have some doubts on how to use a syringe, you can consult with a pharmacist.