Testosterone - what is it and what is its role in the lives of men

Testosterone - the product of the secretion of the sex glands . According to the results of researches, it was found that the male body contains a level of testosterone ten times higher than female body . The concentration of testosterone in the blood varies considerably during the day : the maximum concentration is reached in the morning , and the minimum - in the evening.

The indicator of the hormone in people of the same age group is affected by:

  • heredity 
  • way of life 
  • climatic conditions of residence
  • diseases in the organism (mainly chronic) .

Testosterone male body affects most physiological processes and supports mental health.

The most important processes in the male body , associated with testosterone :

  • forming the exterior of men 
  • pattern of behavior 
  • sexual activity 

In addition , testosterone serves a barrier function against several diseases :

  • atherosclerosis , hypertension 
  • cardiovascular support system 
  • affects the psychological state , reducing exposure to stress 

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The overabundance of the hormone

The excess testosterone leads to aggression. According to studies, among offenders between the ages of thirteen to eighteen years, more than 90% of the testosterone level was extremely high. Athletes taking various anabolic hormone content increases and leads to aggression and irritability. This is due to the fact that high levels of testosterone begins to adversely affect the brain , and leads to the death of the cells.


Lower levels of testosterone

After thirty -five or forty years old, and testosterone levels in men begin to decline . Falling levels may be due to some other reasons , such as illness , prolonged postoperative period , some medications . A significant impact on the reduction of this hormone have: addiction to alcohol , smoking, lack of exercise, psychological stress , injury to the brain or testes , and ecology. When the levels of testosterone are low, may occur irritability , insomnia , fatigue, weak erection , decreased interest in women, body fat, reduced muscles, skin aging.


How to normalize the testosterone levels?

The specialists recommend avoiding excessive passion for sports and bad habits, and a balanced diet. A strong desire is also important for the normalization of testosterone in the body.