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Alphabol Alpha Pharma  is an oral steroid that strongly affects the protein exchange. The protein synthesis processes are strengthened when Alphabol is used and thus the organism production of proteins is accelerated. Such an effect is expressed in the positive balance of nitrogen in the organism and also the general state enhancement.

Alphabol is similar to 17-alpha-methyltestosterone by chemical structure. Due to this fact the preparation has expressed androgenic and anabolic action which is expressed in an essential mass and strength gain. Alphabol acts quickly and reliably. When the preparation is used, the gain is about two kilograms per week within first 1.5 month. The additional weight is made of the natural tissue growth (muscle fibers hypertrophy) and observable retention of liquid in the organism.

Danabol is easily aromatized since a part of the substances is transformed to estrogen, that’s why the preparation is not a good instrument during the preparation to the competitions. The excessive aromatization and accumulation of water may be avoided by the combination of Proviron and Nolvadex, that’s why Danabol may be used by some athletes some days prior to the competitions. The dosage may be different – starting with two tablets up to twenty and more especially for weightlifters, bodybuilders and powerlifters.

Alphabol is truly considered to be the most popular methane-based steroid. It is produced in form of tablets and affects the exchange and synthesis of the proteins in body muscles. And namely the protein gain is the visible increase of muscle mass and volume. Also Alphabol helps synthesizing protein in the tissues and when used the bones better adopt calcium and this situation makes them tighter. And also the sportsman’s disposition during the application of Alphabol becomes better.

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Those sportsmen who don’t go in for sports at professional level but would like to be strong and have beautiful and pumped body should buy Alphabol. Alphabol is considered a doping and that is why it is not recommended for application prior to important competitions even some weeks before.

This steroid is suitable not only for men but also for women. It doesn’t have androgenic effect on the women organism at the same level as the other steroids do. But we recommend buying Alphabol only after you accurately compose the training program and select the complementary components. In case you don’t make this, then the application of this preparation won’t cause the pure muscle mass gain but the increase of the muscle due to water accumulation in the muscles. And the water will disappear from the body immediately after the end of the course decreasing its volume almost two times. And namely to prevent such an effect, Alphabol should be bought together with the other steroids suggested by our specialists.

But the use of Alphabol that may be purchased in dopingdepot.net internet-shop by anyone living in U.S, Europe and Great Britain, should be an accurate one for those sportsmen who have problems if excessive weight is present. Alphabol doesn’t directly increase the fat deposits but increases appetite and that’s why those who use it should be careful and follow a strict diet. When purchasing Alphabol from us either on wholesale or retail base, you may be sure that its price is one of the lowest at the market.


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