Exedrol 25mg 20tabs
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Exedrol 25mg 20tabs

20 tabs (25 mg/tab)
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Exedrol is one of the most powerful aromatase inhibitors which has the feature to block the enzyme that produces aromatase. It was firstly produced for mammary glands cancer treatment. Many people think that estrogen contributes to cancer cells growth.

Exedrol is much more powerful than Anastrozol. Many investigations that were executed with this substance showed that it has the possibility to decrease the accumulation of estrogen by approximately 85%. This is an excellent effect for the bodybuilders and athletes that use steroids such as testosterone. The majority of the sportsmen use Exedrol during the steroidal cycle.
It is also important to remark that Exedrol increases the level of testosterone and insulin-like growth factor (IGF) very well. Thanks to its effect, Exedrol is a good choice.

How to use:
As the practical trials of the preparation show, the use of half a tablet gives quite good results, but you may also  use it not every day, but one time in 2-3 days. For better results Exedrol is used after meal. Since this compound is strong, you should use much smaller doses for estrogen suppression when compared to the recommended ones ( 2.5 mg per day is enough).

The effect:
It is important to remark that Exedrol excellently increases testosterone and insulin-like growth factor (IGF). Thanks to this circumstance Exedrol is a good choice since everyone tries to restore the natural level of testosterone.

Side effects:
Although there are no any side effects discovered, you should consult the doctor before purchasing Exedrol.


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