Provimed 50mg 20tabs
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Provimed 50mg 20tabs

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General information

Provimed – synthetic preparation, whose basic active substance is mesterolone. It is effective during sportsmen preparation for important competitions when it is necessary to decrease estrogen level and increase the androgenic properties. In combination with some anabolic preparations- Oxandrolon, Primobol and Winstrol - it contributes to the increase of androgenic activity of anabolic compounds. When interacting with other androgens, Provimed (also called Proviron) can essentially increase the indicators of muscle tissue toughness and density. The preparation may be used by women, but in 25 mg dosage. No way don't increase the dosage, since the excess of allowable norm contributes to masculinization symptoms development. That is why women try to use no more than half a tablet per day, the course duration is much shorter than for men and equals to 4-5 weeks. When you use Provimed together with Tamoximed (10-20 mg), the effectiveness of musculature building increases and unnecessary fat deposits will be removed (especially actual for women).

How to use:

Provimed is very effective; 50 mg daily is enough for men. This means that the athlete swallows one 25 mg tablet in the morning and another one of the same dosage in the evening. In some cases one tablet is enough. If Provimed is combined with Novaldex (50 mg of Provimed per day and 20 mg Novaldex per day), almost total suppression of estrogens takes place. Even better results are achieved thanks to 50 mg Provimed daily and 500-1000 mg of Teslac (Fludestrin) per day. Due to the fact that Teslac is extremely expensive preparation, the majority of athletes don’t even stutter about that combination.

The effect:

Provimed has three application areas in “iron world”:

The first is that it decreases or prevents water retention and estrogenic side effects of the steroids.
The second application is that it releases the potential of own testosterone. Nearly 97% of testosterone in the organism is combined by proteins – globulin and albumin. Masterolone has the property to release testosterone from the impact of these proteins. And the free testosterone helps strengthen the anabolic processes of the organism.
Thirdly, Masterolone decreases the amount of estrogens in blood and this leads to the decrease of water balance in the organism. This is reflected on the muscles that have dry, tough and qualitative musculature look.
This feature of Provimed is used by actors and models in order to obtain necessary physical form in shorter terms.
Lastly, Provimed is used for decreasing the suppression of libido by such preparations like Trenbolon and Nandrolone Decanoate. They have low androgenic action and at the same time strongly suppress the production of own testosterone which results in libido decrease.

Side effects:

The reviews on side effects of Provimed at men when using 2-3 tablets are very few; so, Provimed combined with steroidal cycle may be relatively safely used for more than some weeks. Provimed is well treated by liver and there will be no any liver dysfunctions when the preparation is used in indicated dosages. For the athletes that are used to work under the slogan of “the more – the better” the use of Provimed may cause something of a paradox. In the instruction of their Wistimon preparation “Yenapharm” writes: “When used at high dosages, it may lead to electrolytes and water retention in the organism and as a result to edemas”. Those who use not more than 2-4 tablets per day may not hesitate about that matter.

Perhaps the most often side effect of Provimed – we should better talk about following case – expressed sexual superstimulation and sometimes long penis erection. Since this state is painful and may cause possible damages, there is sense in decreasing the dosage or totally stop its usage. The female athletes should carefully enjoy Provimed because all possible androgenic side effects are not excluded. Females are recommended to use not more than one 25 mg tablet per day.

Higher dosages and course duration longer than 4 weeks increase the risk of virilization cases. The female athletes that have no problems with Provimed, achieve good results using 25 mg Provimed per day and 20 mg Novaldex daily. They tell that in combination with diet the accelerated fat burning and fast musculature toughening takes place.


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