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SP Cypionate

1 vial (200mg/ml 10 ml)
SP Cypionate injectable steroidmore
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Composition: 1 vial contains 10 ml solution for injections; each ml contains testosterone cyprionate 200 mg.
Excipients: Benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, peach oil.
For intramuscular use only.

As a result of the injection with testosterone cypionate, you will get considerable gains in mass and strength on a cycle's period. High estrogen levels following administration of testosterone can cause gynecomastia, if you notice pain, swelling or knots in nipples, then it is absolutely necessary to add to the cycle Provimed or Tamoximed. To those who are sensitive to estrogen, it is recommended to use at the beginning of the cycle Tamoximed or Provimed, before estrogen to appears as a side-effect.

After an injection with Testosterone Cypionate may occur adverse effects as: oily skin, acne, hair growth on the body and face, balding. 

Testosterone Cypionate is active for a long time in the body, therefore has to be injected weekly. The recommended dose is between 200 mg and 800 mg per week. Would be advisable not to exceed the dose of 800 mg per week, a higher dose will lead to increased water retention.

After using testosterone cypionate, the own production of testosterone will stop. Is recommended that at the end of the cycle to pursue a cure HCG (pregnyl), Tomoximed or Clomed.


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